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Freelance IT-Security, -Infrastructure & -Consultation Master.

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Work I do

Over the years, relevant experience has been gained in many areas. Constantly evolving expertise brings together a vastly diversified knowledge.


Security starts at the building and ends within the operating system. Firewalls are a good start.


Why fix problems if you do not give them the right to exist? Optimization latitude is almost inexhaustible.


Server-based and standalone applications without dependencies. The best from a single source.

Practical work experience

Gaming Area Network


Curiosity leads to interest - interest results in passion - passion follows knowledge - knowledge is power.

Bredec [Web]


24/7 Task Force Analyst & Developer.
DevSecOps, Developer & System Architect. Service as a Service. The only thing we can't are half-empty things.

Rommelag (ENGINEERING) [Web]


Firewall, Client-, Security-, MDM-, Database-, MS:AD-, MS:Exchange-, Cloud-Administrator & Decision Maker as well as 4th-Level Support for a globally operating monopoly.

Fornax EDV-Service GmbH [Web]


External service provider for a large number of companies. Conceived, realized and maintained IT-Infrastructures by masters of their work.

Ostalb IT GmbH [Web]


Trained and educated to be a specialist in extensive and versatile infrastructures. External service provider for companies distributed across southern Germany.

D/F Brigade, 1./295th Artillery Battery [Web]


The Brigade Franco-Allemande is a binational organization under binational leadership. Served the german forces as HQ & Supply Soldier.

Passion and interest in IT

1989-distant future

Whether amd64 or TI990/9 architecture - as long as something operates at three quarters of the speed of light then I'm there. Every system has a right to be explored.

Subject area

Technological standards

System- & Process-Automation

Software (Web) Development

Hypervisors & Virtualization

IT- & Objective Assurance

Operating Systems (Dekstop & Mobile)

amd64 & i386 Hardware

Not beeing a geek

My Resume


My current CV/Resume which contains further details.

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Git-Repository which contains all publicly published projects.

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